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"We sincerely thank Children at Heart for

bringing our son into our lives. Our domestic adoption from beginning to end took 2.5 months. Although quick, it was a very stressful period, and Janice and Erica were there every step of the way, going above and beyond their call of duty. 

They are truly concerned about the well being

of the baby, birth mom, and adoptive parents. 

You won't find any 2 people more committed

and passionate about what they do. We have our

family because of them and are forever grateful."

- Lisa and Emanuele, adoptive parents

Since 1995, Children at Heart had facilitated solely international adoptions, but due to an increased number of calls received at our NC office by local birthmothers seeking adoption services, the Spring of 2011 became the time to form a Domestic Adoption Program.  The goal of the program is to provide adoption services to birthmothers in the Southeastern North Carolina region.   We have recently received inquiries from birthmothers in upstate NY, so we are now offering our services to women in that area, as well.  The program aims to support women both before and after the birth of their babies.  Children at Heart has established a monthly birthmother support group meeting, which hosts women who have already placed a child(ren) for adoption, are pregnant and considering adoption, or are currently in the adoption process.  At this time, we are seeking more families to be available to birthmothers thru our agency. 


It is important to keep in mind that when a birthmother delivers a baby in NC, and then signs a Relinquishment form to place the child for adoption, there is a seven day waiting period in which the birthmother can change her mind and revoke that Relinquishment.  While it can be emotionally painful if a birthmother changes her mind at any point of an adoption plan, we must respect her decision, and know that we have done all we can to help her, and her child, during such a difficult time.  Adoptive families should think of this seven day waiting period as a time that they are fostering the baby while the birthmother makes her final decision about the adoption.  Once the seven day waiting period is up, that is the point when the adoptive family can begin the legal adoption process with their attorney. 

"Erica & Janice, I just wanted to say thank you

for all your help in adopting Zachary!  Helen and

I have just been having an awesome time being parents.  We have waited a long time for this

moment and it finally came true!   There is not a

day that goes by that I do not cherish having

Zachary as my son!   Again thank you for all

your hard work and effort!!!  Children at Heart

has really made a difference in our lives.

Keep up the hard work!!!"

- Tracy, adoptive father


We cannot give you a timeline for how long it will take a birthmother to choose you.  Each family has different preferences for what they can accept in a child/birthmother, so not all families are available to all birthmothers.  Additionally, each birthmother has different preferences for what she is looking for in a family.  This makes it even more difficult to estimate how long it will take for a birthmother to choose your family.  The more open you are as to the type of adoption and the race/sex of the child, the more birthmothers you will be available to.  But you must be true to yourselves; if you do feel you have preferences, then you must adhere to them - an adoption will not work in the long run if you agree to something you are not comfortable with. 

The first step to apply to our Domestic Adoption Program would be to complete our Adoptive Family Application and the Domestic Adoption Agreement.  Once your initial application is approved, you will move on to complete your home study, for which we will send you a packet of paperwork to complete (the application process is not completed until we receive all of the home study paperwork and required fees from you).  When your home study is approved and finalized, you will put together an online photo album with pictures of yourselves, your home, and your family and friends, with captions depicting what is happening in each photo.  We use the photo album, along with the home study, as your profile to show birthmothers who are ready to choose a family. 

"Children at Heart helped us to complete our

family.  Janice, Erica and the entire staff are wonderful people to work with.  They worked diligently to guide us through the process,

answered all of our questions and discussed thoroughly any concerns we had.  CAH were

honest and caring in their approach and worked above and beyond the call of duty to facilitate our adoption in a very short time frame.  It was the

most amazing and positive experience and we

think they would agree that we "grew together"

in the process.  CAH helped to collaborate a plan between our family and our birthmother that we

all felt comfortable with.  At the same time, they

were present and guided both parties in the

process. We are so grateful for CAH and the

life-changing experience we embarked upon.  

We would recommend CAH without reservation

to any families considering adoption." 

- Megan and Garrett, adoptive parents


This program is open to married couples, as well as single men and women, living in any state in the US.  Anyone who is interested may apply!

For more information on our domestic adoption program, including fees, please fill out the information request form on the contact page of our website.